Uster Technologies Uster tester 6-C800

Uster Technologies Uster tester 6-C800

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Uster Tester 6 sets the global benchmark for yarn testing.

It is the heart of yarn laboratories around the world and secures quality in every part of the spinning process.

From sliver to yarn

Short staple spinning

Laboratory systems

Brand-new: the latest USTER® Capacitive Sensor

This is USTER®’s new digital Capacitive Sensor, bringing even greater accuracy and reliability. Completely new features include the unique

twisting unit, giving reliable information at

every test.

– Automatic twist scan facility, for easy twister settings

– Measurement of the famous USTER® value CVm, inert and half-inert values and cut-length results

– Easy-reference graphical presentations with diagrams, spectrograms and histograms

The global standard in filament testing

The USTER® TESTER 6 is acknowledged throughout textiles as the global standard in evenness testing. In over 60 years the Capacitive Sensor improved

to the highest accuracy and gives filament yarn producers the power to guarantee the quality is right first time.

– Automatic and semi-automatic models available

– Upgradeable for Sensor OM, automatic function and Knowledge Based System (KBS)

USTER accuracy, reliability measurements at top speed

All models operate at the testing speed of 800 m/min.

Set to automatic, the high sample throughput rates give even better detection of quality exceptions. That cuts down the risk of claims, reduces labor costs and ensures customers get the quality they expect.


ManufacturerUster Technologies
ModelUster tester 6-C800