Uster Technologies EVS FABRIQ VISION

Uster Technologies EVS FABRIQ VISION

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Fabric producers need to guarantee reliable quality. USTER® EVS FABRIQ VISION ensures this is achieved, by using automated control during intermediate and final inspection, removing the need for costly manual inspection. 

To maximize the yield in various applications, USTER offers two versions: 

  • USTER® EVS FABRIQ VISION for textile production
  • USTER® EVS FABRIQ VISION N for seamless integration, especially for nonwovens production

Optimized fabric quality through automated inspection 

USTER® EVS FABRIQ VISION is able to capture any visible defect, at line running speeds. It can be used in a variety of positions on most manufacturers’ machines. Inspection is objective, accurate and consistent. 

Optimized grading efficiency, for consistent quality

USTER® EVS FABRIQ VISION provides real-time alerts for operatives, showing all defects and automatically creating roll inspection charts. All detected faults are collected in an album review. Here, the operator can quickly mark faults and select which can be deleted. 

Infrared marker for accurate and invisible defect localization 

To locate the exact position of defects and cutting points with high accuracy, USTER uses an infrared marker to put invisible marks on the fabric selvage. 

Cutting table control with Optimized Cut Control (OCC)

During the inspection process, infrared ink is applied to the fabric as synchronization points. After the album review, the defect map is synchronized with OCC, which then stops the cutting table automatically at the precise point of the planned cut of bad fabric. 

Laser pointer as operator support 

The laser pointer indicates the exact position of defects during the cutting table process. This supports the operator to see defects immediately and allows for more efficient mending and marking during the final inspection.




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