Spirka Schnellflechter Braiding machines

Spirka Schnellflechter Braiding machines

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The braiding machine program includes vertical and horizontal rotary braiding machines with up to 36 spools, which are suitable for a product diameter of up to 65 mm. They enable an important manufacturing step for coaxial, control or power cables as well as reinforced hoses and catheters for medical technology.

Semi and fully automatic winding machines can be operated in combination with static as well as motorized single wire payoffs for spools up to 250 mm. In addition, we offer highly efficient multi-wire payoffs for drums up to 630mm. The two or four-reel fully automatic winding machine can work with constant line speed or with constant bobbin speed and guarantees a user-friendly and high-quality winding process based on recipe management.

Spiraling machines with a number of reels up to 24 reels in the vertical and up to 36 reels in the horizontal area complete the program for users in the cable and hose industry.

High-Speed Braider DF

High-Speed Braider DF16A for Medical

High-Speed Braider DRATEX

High-Speed Braider DRATEX 2450

High-Speed Braider F03A

High-Speed Braider UNIDRA

High-Speed Braiders C, Ch


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