Genkinger Kettbaumhubwagen EE KHUM 30 Mulde motorisiert-elektrisch

Genkinger Kettbaumhubwagen EE KHUM 30 Mulde motorisiert-elektrisch

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Kettbaumhubwagen EE‑KHUM 30  Mulde  motorisiert-elektrisch

The versatile and manoeuvrable warp beam lift truck EE-KHUM 30 can effortlessly be operated by one person and has a load capacity of up to 3000 kg.

Due to its short design, this model can be turned on the spot. This makes it ideal for handling warp beams in narrow aisles. Since the weaving machine does not have to be driven around with the running gear, the device is compatible with a wide range of weaving machine types. In addition, woven warp beams can be removed from the weaving machine by means of swing-out empty tube grippers.

An automated sequence of movements of the supporting rollers during the lowering process of the supporting trough and the side-shift capability of the warp beam in the machine make it easier to place the warp beam in the warp beam support.

Best handling characteristics with flexible application possibilities

  • For transporting partially wound warp beams, integrated trough flaps can be swung out in steps
  • Battery changing system for applications without sufficient charging time
  • Optional felt lining of the trough for gentle material transport
  • Suitable for full and half warp beams
  • Ideal device dimensions – hardly any longer than the warp beam
  • Safe manoeuvring in confined spaces
  • Comfortable single-person operation




ModelKettbaumhubwagen EE KHUM 30 Mulde motorisiert-elektrisch