Monforts Montex Allround

Monforts Montex Allround

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Montex Allround

The patented modular “Montex Allround” is the key to more flexibility in coating and finishing. A quick-change device allows the necessary auxiliary modules to be docked to a basic module, enabling you to react quickly to new requirements. All Allround modules are perfectly matched to the complete range engineering and can be controlled from a central point via the Qualitex interface.

For coating applications using solvents, a compact housing for the Montex Allround allows inexpensive and reliable extraction. The volume of air to be extracted is approx. 60% less than with conventional solutions.

Technical Data


Available working widths 1.800 - 3.200 mm

Standard working speed 2,5 - 50 m/min

Treatment speed depends upon process


Application Technologies

Knife Coating

Knife over Roll, Airknife, Foamcoating, Commabar Chamber knife coating

Slot Coating (cold systems)

Slot Die

Dipping and Impregnation



Gravure / Hashure Coating, Kiss-Coating

Powder Scattering

Needle Roller Method, Vibrating Screen Box


Rotary Screen Printing, Flexoprinting, Gravureprinting


Spray Coating, Spin Ciating

Hot Melt Coating

Hot Melt Rollcoating

Hot Melt Slot Coating



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