Genkinger KEGU 50

Genkinger KEGU 50

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Warp Beam Low Lift Truck (electric | KEGU 50) The Genkinger Warp Beam Low Lift Truck KEGU 50 is an efficient low lift truck for the transport of warp beams, yarn rollers and batches up to a weight of 5000 kg. The optional folding platform and the center drive with technically advanced traction and spring-loaded support wheels ensure a pleasant, ergonomic transport of the goods. We recommend polyurethane wheels for transport on rough floors. All-round visibility and a powerful three-phase drive ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Safety through innovation Center drive for good traction Flexible use, for example also for batches Proven, maintenance-free hydraulic components Optional polyurethane wheels for cushioned driving on rough pavements · Stable support prisms Numerous details and features for a pleasant working environment Powerful, robust travel drive for effective working and loads up to 5000 kg Flexible use, for example also for batches and other rolls Slanted and rounded running-in tips prevent yarn damage Drawbar for sensitive driving and braking


ModelKEGU 50