Uster Technologies Q-Bar 2

Uster Technologies Q-Bar 2

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Monitoring the formation process with Uster Q-Bar 2 helps prevent defects before they occur; providing full process control, increasing first quality and reducing waste. On-loom formation monitoring for constant fabric quality Uniquely positioned directly above the reed, the Uster Q-Bar 2 monitoring system controls fabric formation, thereby detecting problems in the weaving process before they become a defect (instead of just inspecting the surface). A quick response at this point helps avoid extensive or recurring defects. Customizable alarm and stop signals let you rectify problems immediately. Uster Q-Bar 2 significantly reduces seconds and material loss. Uster Q-Bar 2 is positioned on top of the loom, making it easy to install on existing weaving machines. Q-Bar 2 is positioned on top of the loom and outside the operating space to ensure you can get on with your work without hindrance.


ManufacturerUster Technologies
ModelQ-Bar 2